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Aglaonema Snow White


Aglaonema Snow White is a hybrid plant originating from Thailand. This plant has the characteristics of large leaves, green and white are amazing. The upside can be that it looks whiter in brighter light shades.

As a house plant , the leaf color of Aglaonema Snow White tends to be greener and looks very attractive, spoiling the eyes of those who see it. In Europe this plant has the advantage of being able to tolerate shade of air temperature so that it can grow well indoors. 

Aglaonema Snow White is included in the type of aglaonema plant which is quite easy to care for. The treatment that can be done is the same as with other types of aglaonema such as the Aglaonema Sultan of Brunei plant .

Characteristics of Aglaonema Snow White Plants

In general, the Aglaonema Snow White plant has the following characteristics:

  1. The shape of the leaves is wide with a width of about 10 cm and a length of 15 cm
  2. It has a bright white leaf color and there are green spots around it
  3. Plant height is not too high, only about 25 cm – 30 cm

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Additional Information

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