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1. Is it possible to ship plants to all countries?
No, as far as we know, there are several countries that we cannot process the delivery of such as Switzeland, Malaysia, Asutralia, Korea because the regulations in these countries have difficult permits.

2. What documents need to be fulfilled for plant delivery?
Namely export permits, invoices (if requested) and phytosanitary from us and if needed import permits made by the buyer in the country. If the documents cannot be fulfilled or the documents are invalid (not according to the number of plants) then your package will be detained by the customs authorities in the destination country

3. How long is delivery after payment?
Depending on the destination country, European states take 1-2 weeks longer than other countries, because plants must go through a laboratory checking process before being declared fit for delivery by the Indonesian Plant Quarantine Agency.
There are several steps to preparing for shipment
namely Submitting an export permit as a condition for making phytosanitary certificates, laboratory testing, making phytosanitary certificates and double checking by the plant quarantine agency, the ministry of agriculture, so that it can be estimated that the normal delivery time is 1-2 weeks

4. Which countries must have an import permit?
Based on our experience, countries that are required to have an import permit are Canada (regardless of the number of orders), USA (if more than 12 plants)

5. How do you make an import permit?
To make an import permit, you can come directly to the department of agriculture in your country, for USA please apply for an import permit by clicking the link below

6. Is there a limit to the number of plants ordered?
Nothing, as long as you have documents that must be met in accordance with regulations in the destination country

7. How do I know the crop has been shipped?
DHL will send a tracking number to your email, so you can monitor the position of your package

8. What if the plants shipped are damaged?
Actually, damage to live plants is normal and is joint responsibility, the buyer must be able to accept it. We will resend rotten / damaged plants or refund 50% of the purchase price.

9. Any other questions?
You can contact us via the contact page, we will help you with love