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Alocasia Sente Variegated


Alocasia Sente Variegated is a plant from Asia, one of which is Indonesia. Admired for its stunning leaves. This plant can easily become the center of attention. Can be placed in the garden or room. 

The Alocasia Sente Variegated plant has green leaves with splashes of yellow and white textured on the top and bottom sides of the leaves. Variations in leaf color are very prominent so that it makes the leaves look more beautiful.

Alocasia Sente Variegated does not require direct sunlight, provide a filter so that leaf growth can grow well and not burn. This plant also likes conditions that are humid but not too wet.

How to Care for Variegated Alocasia Sente

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this plant, you can see some of the following treatments:

  • The use of planting media should use a mixture of shaft media so that plant roots can breathe optimally in the pot.
  • Place the Alocasia Sente Variegated plant indoors or in a place that has been given a filter such as a paranet, do not expose it to direct sunlight. Place it in a damp but not wet place.
  • Do not water the plants too often because Alocasia Sente Variegated does not tolerate excessive water. Just make it in humid conditions. Can do watering two or three days.

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