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Aglaonema Sultan Brunei


Aglaonema Sultan Brunei is one type of aglaonema plant that comes from crosses or hybrids in Thailand. Aglaonema Sultan Brunei has golden yellow leaves. In contrast to other hybrid aglaonema leaf colors, most tend to be red or pink.

The name Aglaonema Sultan Brunei is taken from history which states that it is said that this aglaonema plant was favored by the Sultan of Brunei in his time. Apart from its history, the name Aglaonema Sultan Brunei was made with the aim of making it better known to the wider community because of its attractive and easy-to-remember name.

Aglaonema Sultan Brunei is almost similar to Aglonema Red Kochin when he was young or still in the form of a cub, but if you look more clearly the types of the two are very different. Aglaonema Sultan Brunei has a dark golden yellow leaf color. If you have grown up, you will see the difference in color more clearly.

Caring for Aglaonema Sultan Brunei is almost the same as caring for other types of aglaonema plants . Maintenance is fairly easy. Aglaonema plants can be grown using rice husks and compost. 

Keep the plant under moderately stable light that tends to be dim but not in a place that is too humid. Watered regularly by paying attention to where the plant is placed. If it is placed in the house, it is enough to water once a week and if it is placed on the terrace, it is watered twice a week.

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