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We have experience sending plants to the US, Europe, Asia and other countries. Each country has different shipping regulations, so buyers are required to seek regulatory information from the customs or the Ministry of Agriculture in their country before making a shipment.

The buyer is obliged to provide delivery instructions to comply with the regulations of the destination country. If he does not provide instructions, the seller will use the usual standards and the buyer is not entitled to sue if a problem occurs. All inspections in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.

If the plants sent are damaged or rotten, the seller will be responsible for returning the max. 50% or resend the plant at the buyer's expense.

The plants that we send are those that match the pictures / photos updated on the website and are guaranteed to be of good quality, so that if the plants arrive at the buyer in a damaged condition, it is beyond our handling and the buyer must accept the risk of buying live plants.

We cannot be held responsible if the package is held by customs in your country. Because this is also part of the buyer's responsibility to know the rules before buying.

Every shipment to the European region and other countries where laboratory checks are required, will be subject to laboratory inspection by the Indonesian Plant Quarantine Agency. So consumers have to wait for the check to finish for 1-2 weeks

The process of applying for an export license for shipment to a country outside Indonesia may be subject to taxes, import duties and fees collected by the destination country ("Import Fees"). All taxes and inspection fees in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.