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Why Are Variegated Monsteras So Expensive

Hello plant lovers. Back again with aroidasia blog. Still continuing with the monstera discussion. As we know, the price of monstera plants is quite expensive. But does anyone know why this is so?

 Maybe some of you have asked Why is Monstera Variegated So Expensive? Let's check what factors make this plant so expensive that even one leaf can cost millions. Watch the article until the end.

Monstera plant is one type of tropical ornamental plant that is usually used to beautify the corner of the room in the house and make it look more beautiful. Monstera is also one of the ornamental plants with high prices and is much sought after by plant collectors. For certain types of monsters the price can reach tens to hundreds of millions.

The Reason Why Variegated Monstera Is So Expensive


Rare Plants

The first reason Why Are Variegated Monsteras So Expensive is because this plant is rare and hard to find. This can happen because these plants produce only a small amount of chlorophyll which causes much less photosynthesis.

The white color found in monstera plants is the result of a very rare genetic mutation, the probability is small, about one in one hundred thousand plants.

Although this plant is rare and hard to find, the demand for monstera is quite high. Many collectors and plant lovers are willing to pay a high price for this plant.

Size and Type

The second reason Why Are Variegated Monsteras So Expensive lies in its size and type. Only certain types are sold at high prices. There are two types of monstera that are known to have exorbitant prices because of their different genetic compositions which then produce unique leaf colors.

One type of monstera that has an exorbitant price is Monstera Thai with green leaves and a few white or cream spots. Then there is Monstera Albi with the characteristic of having a dominant white spot.

Special and Adds Aesthetics

Being able to have a monstera plant at a high price can certainly be a source of pride for collectors and plant lovers. Of course, because monstera is one of the plants that is always hunted because of its beauty.

Monstera plants can make the corner of your house into a room that looks more beautiful, fresh, cool, and also luxurious.

One of the features of this plant is that it functions to improve poor air quality in your homeroom. The house is beautiful and the air is kept clean.

A few articles about Why Are Variegated Monsteras So Expensive that we have summarized for you. Hopefully, it can be useful and become an insight for those of you who are looking for ornamental plants for your home. Are you interested in owning this plant? You can view our collection of monstera plants here.
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