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The Ways on Planting Aster Flowers in Pots

Hi, back again with the aroidasia blog. This time we will not discuss plants from the aroid type. Let's stop first at the Aster Flowers. So that our knowledge can increase a lot, read this article to the end.

Aster Flowers in Pots


The increases in demand for Aster Flowers are still high. It makes the selling price of Aster Flowers still expensive. Many people try to plant Aster Flowers. It is not difficult to cultivate and grow. You can use flower pots for planting it. Planting Aster Flowers in Pots is a wise option to cultivate it.

How to Plant Aster Flowers in Pots

There will be some ways on planting Aster Flowers in Pots. You can adapt the following steps to get the beautiful flowers. 

Growing Media for Aster

It is similar to the growth of decorative plants. It requires soil, fertilizer, and husk in a balanced ratio. If you choose this growing media, you can go to the farming stores. In the stores, you can buy some farming needs. You can get some kinds of fertilizers. 

Nursery Preparation through Seeds or Shoots 

The seeds of Aster flowers can be found in a farming store selling some kinds of seeds. After you get it, you shouldn’t use it because it must be sown. To sow this seed, you should use sowing media consisting of soil, husk, and fertilizer. You can use the mixture of soil with sand or soft compost with a balanced ratio.

After you sow it, the seeds of Aster cover again with a sowing medium but don’t cover it thickly. You need to water it routinely to keep the media humidity. When the Aster Flower’s seeds grow, you need to move it on the permanent growing media like flower pots or polybags. 

Planting Aster Flowers

The growth of Aster Flowers requires a wider growing area to produce shoots. You need a big planting container to grow these shoots. The growing media container must contain soil, husk, and be composed with the ratio of 1:1:1 to make Aster Flower’s seed grow well.

After that, you can plant Aster Flower seeds in a straight position in the pots. You must place the pots in the area with indirect sunshine to avoid withered seeds.

However, after it looks thriving and can adapt, you can move it to the sunshine area for photosynthesis. It is better to grow it in the morning and afternoon. It has no direct sunshine to avoid a withered condition. 

Caring Process

The caring process of Aster Flowers is relatively easy in which you need to remove weed, water it, and fertilize it. They used fertilizers can be compost, manure, or NPK fertilizer with the usage dosage of 5 grams.

You must cut the tip of Aster Flowers for 2 cm to make it grow shady. If you are lazy in cutting, your Aster Flowers will grow like sweet potatoes. You water Aster twice a day in the morning and afternoon. 

Keeping The Humidity of Planting Media

When you water Aster Flowers in Pots, you must water them with sufficient water. Don’t water much or less. The Aster flower loves growing in a humid area and is very sensitive to the water quantity of soil. If Aster flowers lack water, Aster leaves are easy to fall and lose nutrients.

So many discussions about Aster Flower that we can share with you. Hopefully it can be useful and add to your insight. Thank you for reading this article to the end.

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