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The 5 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

The 5 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Activities outside of the home often make us feel tired, coupled with the hustle and bustle of less clean air. Usually we think of a home as a place where we can breathe fresh air every day. Do you also think the same thing? If yes, then it is better to change the mindset because in fact the air inside the house can be as dirty as the air outside. Coupled with dust and compounds from the furniture in the house can worsen air quality as well.

If this is left unchecked, it can endanger our health conditions. We suggest that you immediately put the best indoor plants in your home. The best indoor plants can help clean the air in the house and can also produce natural oxygen into the house. It can be considered the best indoor plants as a natural air filter that you have.

Many types of the best indoor plants out there, which one is the best for you? Maybe there are some people who are still confused about choosing the best indoor plants and what should be owned and placed in the house. Here we provide a list of some of the best indoor plants for you to choose from.

The best selling and most hunted indoor plants are the Aroid plant species from the Araceae family. Aroid is a family of Araceae plants in which there are some of the best types of indoor plants , such as Anthurium, Alocasia, Monstera, Philodendron, and Syngonium.

The 5 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home :


      Anthurium is a plant from the Araceae family and is an evergreen plant or does not know a period of dormancy. Anthurium can also live terrestrially in the forest floor.

      Anthurium has the main attraction, namely from the shape of the leaves which are beautiful, unique, and have many variations. In general, Anthurium has dark green leaves with large and prominent veins and veins that make this plant look sturdy but still exudes its elegance when it matures.

      In ancient times Anthurium was widely used as an ornamental plant in palace gardens in Java. It is said that the story is that Anthurium was worshiped as a plant of the kings because this plant was considered to have a luxurious and exclusive impression.

      Anthurium plants are generally divided into two types, namely Leaf Anthurium and Flower Anthurium. Leaf Anthurium has an allure especially from its special leaf shapes, while Flower Anthurium emphasizes the diversity of flowers both from hybrid and species results and is usually used for cut flowers.

      If you are interested in this charming plant that has been popular since the royal era in Java and want to make it one of the best indoor plants for your home, then you can check out the various types of Anthurium here.


      Alocasia is one of the best types of indoor plants for your home which is still related to Anthurium, Aglaonema, and also Taro. This type of Alocasia plant is very popular because it has a unique leaf shape like elephant ears.

      Alocasia plants have various leaf shapes and basically the leaves of the Alocasia plant are shaped like hearts. The length of the leaves of this plant can grow from 20 cm to 90 cm on a long stalk and the flowers of this plant will grow on a short stalk but are not too conspicuous because this Alocasia flower often hides behind the petiole.

      This type of Alocasia is generally grown in a pot and placed in the shade such as under a paranet because this plant only requires about 40% to 70% light. This aims to protect plants from direct sunlight and also reduce water splashes when it rains so that these plants can get good growth.

       If you are interested in this unique plant and want to make it one of the best indoor plants for your home, you can browse the various types of Alocasia here.


      Monstera is one of the most widely cultivated tropical plants from the Araceae family. Monstera plants are divided into three types, namely Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana, Monstera Deliciosa Variegata, Monstera Deliciosa Albovariegata.

      Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana has the characteristics of a smaller plant posture and the growth of this type of plant is easy to grow quickly. This Monstera plant is very suitable for use in homes with limited house area.

      Monstera Deliciosa Variegata has characteristic yellowish cream spots on its leaves and this plant also takes a very long time to grow so this type of Monstera plant is rarely found as a home decoration.

      Monstera Deliciosa Albovariegata has a characteristic on the color of its leaves where in one leaf it has two colors, the right side is green while the left side is total white or vice versa. These color variations give the impression of variations such as yin and yang.

      Monstera plants are famous for the naturally formed holes in their leaves and it is not surprising that many people choose this Monstera plant as the best indoor plant that functions as a sweetener in the room. Its aesthetic shape makes this plant suitable for use as a sweetener for room decoration.

      If you are interested in this unique and sweet plant, making it one of the best indoor plants for your home, you can check out the various types of Monstera here.


      Philodendron is a plant that is often found in tropical forests, one of which is in Indonesia. Philodendron is also still a type of plant from the Araceae family. The beauty of the shape and color of the leaves makes Philodendron plants much preferred as a room or garden decoration plant and many are also used as one of the best collections of indoor plants .

      Philodendron plants usually grow in damp places such as swamps, river banks, or on roadsides. Many members of the Philodendron that live propagate on other plants with the help of their roots. Philodendron plants are also quite easy to care for.

      If you are interested in the beauty of this plant and want to make it one of the best indoor plants in your home, you can check out the various types of Philodendron here.


      Syngonium is still a family with Aroid species and is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. Syngonium originally comes from Latin America, Mexico, and up to Bolivia. Also known as the "arrow head" because the shape of the syngonium leaf is similar to the head of an arrow. Its unique leaf shape makes Syngonium one of the best indoor plants recommended for your home.

      Syngonium is also referred to as the taro plant because of its attractive shape and distinct coloration. When the leaves are young they are heart-shaped and when mature they are shaped like arrowheads. This plant is classified as a plant that grows slowly and can grow in all light conditions. If you plant it in low light conditions, choose dark green leaves. Syngonium is also able to help remove pollutants from indoor air.

      If you are interested in the uniqueness and benefits of this one plant, making it one of the best indoor plants in your home, you can see the various types of Syngonium here.

      Thus, we have summarized several types of house plants that can be used as a reference for those of you who want a comfortable home with good air circulation. Choose one of the types of plants above as the best indoor plants for your health in the home.

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