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Monstera Mint Variegated

Hello loyal readers of the aroidasia blog, this time we want to introduce a plant from the monstera genus, the Monstera Mint Variegated . Has anyone ever heard of the fame of this plant? Or just found out from this article? Whatever it is, let's read this article to the end.

 About Monstera Mint Variegated


Monstera Mint Variegated still belongs to the Araceae family or we are familiar with taro-talas. Monstera type plants are getting more and more popular lately so the selling price of this plant is getting higher. 

It seems that the high price is not a problem for plant lovers, they are willing to spend a lot of money to be able to have this plant, one of which is Monstera Mint Variegated . This plant is also dubbed as one of the sultan's plants.

Then what makes this plant so expensive but still sought after by plant lovers. Well, let's see the advantages of this plant.

Monstera Mint Variegated does look so unique because of its leaves. The leaves of this plant consist of green and yellowish white, like lemons with fine lines that are not the same as each other. The color pattern of this plant is due to a mutation in the plant or you could say it looks like a new variety appears so that this plant is fairly rare.

When still young, the leaves of the Monstera Mint Variegated are usually yellowish white. Then after a long time when the leaves have started to mature and age, fine green fibers will appear on the leaf surface.

In addition to the beautiful leaves because of the color combination, this Monstera Mint Variegated also has the characteristics of torn leaves. This adds to the uniqueness of this plant. The Monstera Mint Variegated plant can grow to a size that is quite large and also tall, it will be very suitable if used as a decoration for a corner in your home.

Monstera Mint Variegated is one of the very rare ornamental plants because of the unique shape and color of the leaves. In addition to the unique shape and color of the leaves, this plant also has the advantage of being easy to care for. Plants only need water and sufficient sunlight but do not need to be watered every day.

So that the plant can get good light, you should dry this plant occasionally but don't keep it in direct sunlight. Also the planting medium must remain surely in moist condiitons.

Planting media that can be used for this Monstera Mint Variegated include coco peat, moss, and perlite. For the pots used, care must also be taken to have drainage on the surface so that water does not stagnate in the planting medium.

That's all about this rare and beautiful Monstera Mint Variegated ornamental plant . The high price is comparable to the beauty and uniqueness of this plant, coupled with the ease of maintenance. So it do not be surprised if in various countries this plant is much hunted. Are you one of the plant lovers who are hunting for this plant?

There are many more types of the monstera genus that can certainly make you captivated. Make your home beautiful with monstera ornamental plants . You can check out our monstera collection here.

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