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House Plants That Are Safe For Cats

Speak about plants and cats is something most popular topics for our lover creature live. Maybe many from you have a cat but also like plant what you want placed in home. That's where it comes from question is house plants safe for cats?

Have house plants will make your house looks more beautiful at a time could beautify appearance home. For those who want have house plants in house however have cat as animal pets, there good for choose house plants that are safe for cats.

Cats are known to tend to be more naughty and like chewing grass or plants. To avoid bad things from happening to your cat, you should choose the appropriate plant and not endanger for cat if leaf plant the eaten by your cat. What are these plants? let 's check here.

8 House Plants That Are Safe For Cats


You can use simple steps by selecting the appropriate plants. Exist a number of type plant you can easily select so that you can keep your cat healthy and your home will also feel cooler. Let's take a look at some of the right plant choices to use.

Peperomia Obtusifolia

First plant to get you select that is Peperomia Obtusifolia. This plant is often found in various places. You can get convenience by using this plant because it is safe for cats too. Many people are familiar with another name, namely baby rubber plant.

You need to know that this plant has dense green leaves that seem more shiny. In addition, there were small white flowers growing all around him. You can also get convenience because there is no need to do repeated watering. Its enough for water plant once or twice a week.

Asplenium Nidus

House plants the next safe for cats is Asplenium Nidus. Asplenium Nidus has a unique shape that makes the room look attractive. In addition, this slightly curved plant also loves moisture. So you have to be diligent in watering. However, this plant does not need natural light. That way, you can put it indoors.


Another option that you can use for your own convenience is orchids. This plant has indeed become the most popular in terms of decoration. You can use this type of plant because it is more graceful than other plants. In addition, orchids are also safe for cats. Your home will look very attractive even with orchids alone.

Pachira Aquatica

Don't worry, even though its name is Pachira Aquatica, this tree still grows its leaves. Many people believe that the money tree gives positive energy and brings good luck. You need to know that this tree also looks attractive even though it is small. The stems themselves are braided and the leaves are shaped like palms. Of course, it's still safe for cats too.

Grass Paint

For one hundred percent convenience and safety, you can use the right plants. Many also like Grass Paint as an option because it is simpler. This plant has lots of nutrients, so it doesn't matter if your cat eats it.

Red Prayer Plant

You can also use Plants Red Prayer as plant safe house _ for cat . This type of plant provides color in home decor. You do not need to feel confused because there is a red color on the leaves. The existing leaf pattern is also much more prominent so it can be used for decoration alone.

Palm Living Room

For those of you who want a unique design, you can also use easy steps. There is a cat-safe room decor option, namely Parlor Palm. This tree does not bear fruit. However, its size is somewhat higher than various other ornamental plants. So, you can put it easily in the corner of the room.

Pilea Peperomioides

Another option you can use to keep your cat safe despite plants is a coin tree. This name was given because the tree does look like a coin. Unlike other plants, the leaves of this tree are round. You should also place it near a window. That way, growth can also be faster.

You can use some house plants that are safe for cats so there won't be any problems. Use the right steps by choosing the appropriate plants. So you can do easy decorations and also keep the cat safe.

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