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Alocasia Cuprea


Alocasia Cuprea comes from Kalimantan – Indonesia to be precise from Borneo – Sabah. It grows well in tropical forests under the shade of trees. Grows at an altitude of 400-500 above sea level. Sandy loam media in a moist state is a suitable medium for this plant.

The Alocasia Cuprea plant is also known as the skull taro plant. Many people make this plant as an ornamental plant at home and use it as a room or yard decoration.

Features of Alocasia Cuprea

Alocasia Cuprea has leaves with an oval shape and stems at the edges. The leaves have a wrinkled motif with shiny copper leaf color, purple leaf bones, and dark purple midrib. Has a pattern similar to a spider line. Inside one leaf of this plant is supported by a stem that is more or less in size that can reach 20 cm – 30 cm.

How to Take Care of Alocasia Cuprea

To be able to have this plant in good condition, you should pay attention to the following things in caring for Alocasia Cuprea :

  • When the plant has started to grow then you need to move the plant into a pot with a larger diameter. If there are old roots, it's best if the roots are cut and set aside.
  • Water the plant in the morning or evening. Do not give water to this plant too often. just water it once every two days or when the planting medium feels a bit dry.
  • Fertilizer application can be done by using NPK fertilizer. Give fertilizer 3-6 months only once.

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